What I’d say

kung tanggapin ako sa ADB. I cannot wait for the results. Please intervene, Papa God. :)))

Naging pangit
Naging poorita
Nanakawan ng phone
Nagapply sa ADB

Huhuhuhu iyak na iyak me. Third time’s the charm. ❀ I applied twice in 2015. Pinaka-nasaktan ako nung di ako pumasa kay Dr. Hyun Hwa Son, isang known Economist sa ADB. I was sooo effin close, may start date na na binigay tapos binawi. As in nagcontribute talaga sa depression ko yun. #13reasonswhycharot 😊😊

Thank You to family who are always praying for me. PS even if they both have economics as their backgrounds, they don’t help me at all with my economics related dreams and I NEVER use their successes. Hanggang prayers lang talaga sila. (madre at padreΒ  tandem talaga sila di ko alam paano ako pinanganak=)) ) This also explains my very messy job hopping phase. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I know I’m supposed to behave all the more in the real world, but I’m really more behaved back in my college years. I struggled on my own and licked my own wounds. I had no political endorsements of any sort. (Take that, SPES beneficiaries who got in because of endorsements.)

In other news, sorry Universe for the bulldozing approach to my dreams. Job hopping is a big no-no so wag ako tularan. πŸ˜‚ Pero Universe, marami naman kayong binigay na ailments sakin kaya quits lang. Kahit PWD card ko nga, di ko pa nakukuha eh. This is my rebellion charot. Bawi ako sa ibang bagay.

“In the long run, we are all dead.” – Keynes.

Thank you po God ❀❀❀
Anyway ok na po ako sa lesson papa God. Di na ako maglalovelife kasi rich virgin tita life and surviving life despite handicaps are true life purposes. ❀❀

Thank you @aikamads. You da real MVP. ❀

So excited. My soon-to-be boss is Italian ❀❀

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